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Integrative Psychotherapy, Coaching & Yoga

Experience true mind, body, & spiritual wellbeing.

If you are going through a major life transition and seeking clarity of your life’s purpose - I am here to help. Our approach together is integrative, collaborative, creative, and solution based. I am present to serve you on your healing with deep insight and  skillful action that is in alignment of your true nature. 

I work with personal/professional development - relationships going through challenges, mothers celebrating the gift of life and individuals grieving the loss of a loved one, leaders looking to make an impact in their industries, and entrepreneurs who want a breakthrough, not burnout. 

Our sessions are focused on getting to the root of your concerns and conflicts and together we chart out a daily practice, clarify objectives and a life path that allows you to attain and fulfill what you truly desire as you reclaim your purpose, power, and presence, to life your best life, well.  

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About Kanan Kapila

Psychotherapist,  Professional Coach, Yoga Teacher, Mom
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Kanan has innately known that she can help others realize their unbound potential. She envisions a life where people can fulfill their passions, show support for those in need, and live with greater intention. Her commitment to guide others to find their true purpose and total wellbeing has been a lifelong journey as she has invested professionally in specialized education and training to provide in-depth clarity to her clients.  


Melding her psychotherapy education and training with supportive, transformative modalities, Kanan has become a leading expert in mind, body, and spiritual awareness. Her intuitive and empathic nature offers a compassionate, safe space to share concerns and reflect on areas of  major life transitions. Through various methods of inquiry clients are empowered to understand the process of their patterns, conflicts, and emotions that block progress. With new understanding, Kanan helps her clients move forward with clarity, purpose and fulfillment in their lives.


Kanan earned her Master of Clinical Social Work and is trained in evidence-based modalities, including Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has completed master’s level specialized Jungian Life Coach training from an ICF accredited coaching program.  She is a certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and founder of The Vastu Yoga where she leads yoga teacher training and offers private yoga, meditation, and somatic healing sessions. Kanan worked as a college adjunct professor teaching theory on Yoga Science. Her talents have been recognized by an ivy league university where she provides yoga specifically designed for their athletes.  


Praise from Clients 

"I have had the absolute pleasure to work with Kanan over the past 6 months. I respect and admire her abilities to discern a client's readiness to receive coaching and provide the information and guidance that is needed for self-discovery and awareness.  She is masterful at helping clients discover the components of their true self that will help them flourish and live their most purposeful life."

- AMY D., D.Mgt, RN CEC

"Kanan is a lifelong student and inspires others to be the same. Her knowledge of health and healing through aligning the mind, body, and spirit, is vast and as deep as the ocean.  Kanan is enlightening, engaging, and simplifies all things yoga, ayurveda and therapy into a way that is digestible and fascinating. She is a force and has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can quantify. I feel peace. I feel acceptance. I feel contentment. I feel gratitude.  Kanan is extremely knowledgeable on the ancient practices of yoga and ayurveda, and as a licensed therapist and certified life coaching brings another layer to her expertise. She can provide the Sanskrit origin of each asana (pose) and tie it back to the modern day. This ability to preserve the authenticity of these philosophies while finding unique ways to help them resonate with her students is a rare gift. "

- KANIKA C., Journalist, Host, That's Total Mom Sense

"I contacted Kanan to work on my skin problems. The session and results went behind my expectations. She took the time to find the root cause of my issue, and she did. She also shared some of her extra knowledge coaching me to deal with other issues. A few weeks after my session, my skin was much healthier, and a few months after the session, it's back to normal. I am so grateful for Kanan's session and professional guidance." 

- AURORE C., CEO, Private Practice

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