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Integrative Psychotherapy, Coaching & Yoga

What Does
Well-Being Mean to You?

What you seek is within you. Let's dig deeper. Learn how to reclaim your potential, connect with the world, and create a healthy mind, body, and soul so you can live your most authentic life. 

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Kanan Kapila has always had a passion for helping people, which led her to a career as a therapist and yoga teacher with a focus on well-being through all stages of life. Born in India, Kanan was introduced to physical and mental health through her upbringing and lifestyle. Melding her integrative psychotherapy, jungian life coaching with mindfulness methods, Kanan has designed a practice of well being to help live your best life. She has become a leading expert for body, mind and spiritual awareness.



"I have had the absolute pleasure to work with Kanan over the past 6 months. I respect and admire her abilities to discern a client's readiness to receive coaching and provide the information and guidance that is needed for self-discovery and awareness.  She is masterful at helping clients discover the components of their true self that will help them flourish and live their most purposeful life."

- AMY D., D.Mgt, RN CEC

"Kanan is a lifelong student and inspires others to be the same. Her knowledge of health and healing through aligning the mind, body, and spirit, is vast and as deep as the ocean.  Kanan is enlightening, engaging, and simplifies all things yoga, ayurveda and therapy into a way that is digestible and fascinating. She is a force and has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can quantify. I feel peace. I feel acceptance. I feel contentment. I feel gratitude.  Kanan is extremely knowledgeable on the ancient practices of yoga and ayurveda, and as a licensed therapist and certified life coaching brings another layer to her expertise. She can provide the Sanskrit origin of each asana (pose) and tie it back to the modern day. This ability to preserve the authenticity of these philosophies while finding unique ways to help them resonate with her students is a rare gift. "

- KANIKA C., Journalist, Host, That's Total Mom Sense

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