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  • Who do I work with?
    I work with individuals who are going through transitions in their lives, feeling stuck and conflicted, and ready to reclaim their power by moving through the process with confidence, clarity, and a sense of ease.
  • What is my approach?
    My integrative approach affirms the inherent value of each individual. It is unifying the modalities that best respond appropriately and effectively to the person at the affective, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological levels of functioning to create well-being; the experience of health, joy and prosperity. This means living your purpose wholeheartedly with competence, responsible action, and optimal healing. The intention is a deeper level of transformation and lasting change.
  • What is Psychotherapy?
    Known as talk therapy. I use integrative therapy that offers skillful insight to support the healthy interaction between the processes of the mind and body to bring growth and healing. As with all psychotherapy, the primary focus is the treatment of psychological stressors, trauma, emotional pain, and behavioral challenges that create imbalance in the person’s life. A therapist recognizes that you have all the answers and its function is to help you access those answers with competence and responsible action.
  • What is Life Coaching?
    Coaching I offer is the key to unlock your true transformation. A deep, practical coaching rooted in Jungian Theory, Eastern Spirituality and Social Neuroscience. The coaching sessions include transformative techniques such as shadow work, visualization, meditation, dream interpretation, and emotional empowerment to create change and powerful impact in your life. The creative mind coaching method is smart and strategic in guiding you to emotional wisdom in everyday circumstances.
  • What is Yoga and Pranayama?
    Yoga comes from a Sanskrit root “yuj” which means union, or yoke, to join, and to direct and concentrate one's attention. Regular practice of yoga promotes strength, endurance, flexibility and facilitates characteristics of friendliness, compassion, and greater self-control, while cultivating a sense of calmness and well-being. Sustained practice also leads to important outcomes such as changes in life perspective, self-awareness and an improved sense of energy to live life fully and with genuine enjoyment. The practice of yoga produces a physiological state opposite to that of the flight-or-fight stress response and with that interruption in the stress response, a sense of balance and union between the mind and body can be achieved. Yoga allows a person to physically relax. It is this physiological response that researchers believe to be most responsible for health improvements. Relaxing positively impacts chemical imbalances that often coincide with mental health issues. On a neurological and muscular level, asana actually alters the way our bodies arouse to threats we perceive. It can reduce the firing rate in certain nerve pathways by slowing the release of nerve chemicals, like adrenaline, leading us into a biochemical state of relaxation. Our bodies can return chemicals to their proper balance and, ultimately, heal. Pranayama is the practice of breath regulation. It's a main component of yoga, in Sanskrit, “prana” means life energy and “yama” means control. Prana exists in the air that we breathe, especially in fresh air and to some degree in the fresh foods we eat. It is what sustains us and makes our life possible. The overall mental health and wellness depends on a healthy, relaxed body and mind. Bringing awareness to the present moment, through asana, pranayama, mindfulness and meditation is a path to relaxing the mind into a healthy state of consciousness. More on Yoga:!po=68.4783 The Vastu Yoga Teacher Training program: Or email for upcoming training and application.
  • What is Mindfulness & Meditation?
    Practice of bringing a person’s full attention to the present moment while experiencing the habitual patterns of the mind; how the thoughts and emotions emerge unknowingly. The person is guided with this increased awareness to make choices that are consciously in alignment with their overall wellbeing.
  • What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?
    Clinical Hypnotherapy elicits incredible results leaving the person with an upgraded view of self. Rapid transformation therapy melds positive reinforcement hypnotherapy and techniques on how to communicate with your subconscious mind to directly identify and release blockages that are holding you back, resulting in rapid transformation. I use my clinical hypnotherapy training expertise as a technique for acute symptoms and to get to the root issue within my therapy or coaching sessions.
  • What does hypnosis feel like and how does it work?
    The overall feeling is relaxed and at ease but it can be different for every person. Whatever the feeling, rest assured it’s effective. The person in control the whole time is YOU! Hypnosis may seem like magic but in fact it’s science. The technique creates a spark of brain waves similar to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, allowing you full access to your subconscious mind. During the session, the person is guided to scenes in their life that are stuck in the subconscious, not to relive it but to release and reclaim yourself from the traumatic experiences in a safe and supportive way. Once you bring it to the conscious, you are able to heal and transform. Hypnosis is a beneficial treatment tool for various health conditions and symptoms.
  • When will I start to see change?
    There are 3 types of change with subconscious beliefs* Immediate change where you feel a great shift in your physiology, thoughts, and behaviors during the sessions. Incremental change where you notice shifts daily, or over time. Retroactive change is where you are all of a sudden aware of the positive changes in your life. *Each person is unique and responds accordingly. You may experience a combination of the three powerful results. All are extremely beneficial, and what they have in common is that you may think and feel about life in a way that allows you to be more positive, productive, and powerful.
  • What number of sessions / packages do you offer?
    I offer a 28-day Signature Package, a 5-Month Transformation Package, and a Private Yoga/Meditation Package.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    I do not participate in any insurance plans. I do offer sliding scale fees for those who truly are in need, please ask. Payments options are furnished upon our agreement to work together.
  • Where do I start?
    A good relationship with anyone depends in large part on chemistry and transparency. I offer a free 20-30 minutes consultation, along with an inquiry form for you to fill out beforehand. BOOK A CONSULTATION
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