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FASTING - An Ayurvedic Practice

Free Talk Session at Integrative Healing Montclair | Montclair, NJ | Oct 3 2022 @ 7PM

FASTING - An Ayurvedic Practice

A supportive, nourishing, non-depriving method)
with Kanan Kapila at Integrative Healing Montclair

Fasting can greatly improve:
- Skin Conditions
- Aches/Pain
- Mood Shifts
- Unfulfillment / Life - Changes-
- Weight Concerns

*We will offer up to 5 days of fasting protocol to guide you towards your wellness goals.

Total health and well-being constitutes mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual intelligence. Learn your body type and why, how, and what fasting practices will yield best results for you.

Free talk session on program details:
Monday, October 3
Time: 7pm
Integrative Healing Montclair
325 Claremont Avenue, Suite #5 Montclair, NJ

*Fasting program begins Monday October 17th.
Supportive meetings in-person schedule:
October 16 at 5pm and 18th at 7pm
and virtually on October 21st 12pm.

*Program space is limited to 12 participants, please sign-up early !!

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