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Fasting for Total Health

Fasting is a common practice across many world religions and traditions. In my own culture, I have witnessed my elders fast once a week as an internal practice in devotion to God. I too was guided by a wise source and began fasting on Mondays - a favorite day of the great teacher Lord Shiva, the destroyer of impurities and restorer of faith through transformative powers. Since keeping up with this observance, I must admit I have never felt so good in my body than I do right now.

Nature of Fasting

Fasting is observed when the body does not require food and as a way to aid overall wellbeing. The physiology of fasting is very beneficial, improves hormonal health, gut healing, cellular renewal, and eliminates inflammation in the body. Fasting does not harm the body in any way; it can improve specific conditions quite easily. Please note that fasting is voluntary for total health purposes and it is not starvation - a condition arising out of circumstances where either one lacks access to get food or refusal to take in food, which are external and beyond the control of the individual and can lead to serious decline of one’s health (supervision by specialized medical doctor and therapist is necessary).