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Ghee So Good: Whole Body Nourisher

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

As a staple in every Indian kitchen, ghee is quite versatile from the rich and delicious flavor for cooking to its medicinal use as an aid for health and healing. The smell of the golden liquid is sweet like caramel and rich in taste like butter - well, it's made from it! I love how nourishing ghee is for the body and I use it in most of my cooking where butter is called for. Ghee increases the Sattvic qualities of life both in our self and in our environment; essential for body and mind rejuvenation. Ghee increases dhi (intelligence) refines the buddhi (intellect) and improves the smrti (memory). Some nourishing benefits of ghee - digestive, detoxifying, absorption, assimilation, lubrication for joints and connective tissues. Ghee is expensive to buy but very easy to make. Hope you give ghee a try!

How to make Ghee So Good at home


  • 4 sticks organic cultured unsalted butter such as Organic Valley.

  • Heavy bottom stainless steel pan

  • Fine mesh strainer

  • Clean glass pint jar with lid


  1. Heat the butter over low to medium flame in a stainless steel pan, preferably a saucepan height.

  2. Once butter begins to melt and simmer, listen for it to snap, crackle and pop!

  3. Stir constantly, making sure the ghee does not burn, lower flame if needed.

4. While you watch over it, recite a mantra like “may this ghee nourish my body and mind with strength and vitality.”

5. Once the milk solids, pale white in color, start to sink to the bottom, begin checking them for doneness by scraping them from the bottom of the pot and checking their color. Some foam may bubble to the top, leave it be.

6. As soon as it starts to turn from white to an amber in color then remove the ghee from heat to prevent burning. At this point the popping will calm, ghee will be golden with a delicious aroma!!

7. Let cool for 20 mins then use the mesh to strain into a clean glass jar. Cool completely before fastening the lid. Store room temperature only and remember to use a clean spoon each time into the ghee jar to avoid contamination. Look for my upcoming recipes using this golden ghee. Let me know in the comments when you make it at home!



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