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Love is in the Air

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Love Mat

The month of February brings extra attention in showing deeper affection towards our loved ones with hearts shaped chocolates, valentine cards, and fragrant flowers. For me, it's my birth month - new beginning and another trip around the sun. I look forward to the journey with friends and family I adore and time to be with Self to reflect and reach higher love.

I remember as a young girl in elementary school one year, we each had to write out cards to all of our classmates, share something nice about them and if you like, include a box of Sweethearts candy. I remember taking the task very seriously because I wanted each of my friends (even though I saw them only at school) to know how special they were to me. The class swapped cards and candies, then hurried back to their desks in excitement to read them. A few students took a risk of letting the person they had a crush on know by sharing their feelings in the card, and even the disappointed faces of few who did not get a “Be Mine” sweetheart, were relieved to get something favorable like “Cutie Pie.” The candies did not matter, but the message on it communicated to the person receiving it that they mattered. I remember the memory of that day like it was yesterday and each time it makes me smile. Love is an exchange of giving and receiving.

“Nothing is possible without love…for love puts one in a mood to risk everything.” - C.G. Jung

A week ago, I received a text from a very dear friend of mine, she shared that her “mom has joined the angels in heaven watching over us…” I wrote back holding back my tears, I love you and reflected back on what she said was so true. I felt really sad and grateful at the same time, to have known her in this lifetime. I looked away from my phone and up in the air, seeing vividly the image of her caring face with the precious smile, laugh, and care that she always showed me and my family. I took a walk that day on the mountain, and every plant I walked past, every cloud that passed by, I could see her face clearly lit up in the morning sky. I can feel her enthusiastic energy hovering above, protecting and loving her beloved ones. The last time I saw her was at her grandson’s birthday party, not too long ago and even in the midst of hosting duties, she found the time to take me aside to lecture me on love, but it was her wisdom she shared -“don’t let the person change who you are, stay true to yourself and continue on." I can still remember that day and smile at the memory of it. Love is liberation.

Sign on back of a truck in traffic

The day after I received the news of my friend’s mother passing away, I was with a hiking group up on the mountain and one of the hiking friends shared the story of how a collection of love letters between her late father and her ninety year old mother were discovered just recently from over fifty plus years ago! The boxes of letters were found left in one of the family’s home basement after they moved out and a house painting contractor who was clearing the home from the next owner after a number of years found them. This complete stranger held onto the boxes of letters for fifteen years, expressing “I didn’t have the heart to throw them away.” The contractor and his daughter truly persevered in tracking down the owner of these letters which he kept preserved carefully and even framed a few. Through the friend's instagram, who is the daughter of the couple to whom these love letters belonged, the contractor was able to return them happily to the rightful owner. The letters were received with overwhelming gratitude and love - “I'm 90 years old and you just brought me back to life…I’m starting all over.” This inspiring true story was captured this month on ABC7 Los Angeles news. Love transcends time and space.

Everlasting mountain plant.

Love is an opening where your soul seeks deep connections; with a life partner, in friendship, a stranger, care of your family, and spiritually with the higher Self. Love is the energy of the heart chakra and its transmitted through the element Air, illuminated in the colors of soft green or pink. A chakra, as known in Sanskrit, is a wheel or sphere reflecting an aspect of consciousness through its center. Our body can be viewed as a vehicle of consciousness, and the wheels are what carry this vehicle through life’s destiny of trials, tribulations, and transformations.

"Love is the expansion and equilibrium of air, the new dawn of the east, the gentleness of the dove, the spirit of peace." - A. Judith, Ph. D.

When we tap into the heart center daily, we realize that love does not look to get connected, it allows us to see that we are already connected, cared for and protected.

Love Meditation

  1. Find a comfortable seat on the floor or a chair. Make sure your trunk is tall, your spine is supported by a wall or chair back.

  2. Close your eyes, let the head drop down slightly, allow the eyes to gaze towards the heart. Breathe naturally, softly, and easily.

  3. Place your left hand on your chest, the space around your heart and cover it with your right hand. (Males, do the opposite, right hand first and left covering it).

  4. Visualize an open heart to see every person you love, invite them in without hesitation or judgment. Let it be enough that you love them. See them in name or form.

  5. Transmit the energy that you would like to see for them into a word, mantra, shape or color like the soft green of a money tree, or soft pink shape of a rose. Just imagine your highest wish for them.

  6. Now, turn the wheel towards your own heart and see that very energy expanding into you, transforming you. Invite it in with LOVE.

  7. What do you see? Connect to it without any hesitation or judgment. Just be there.

  8. Take a breath in and as you as you breathe out, open your eyes. Smile at your heart.

Meditation tip: If you can, set aside 20 mins to do this love meditation. Record yourself the first time, then play the recording each sitting, listening to the sound of your own voice as love guiding you. Have a journal nearby and jot down anything that arises, including any feelings and emotions. Journaling helps process the language of love, rather than just carrying in your heart. Challenge yourself to do this for 21 days, start today.

How do you define L O V E ? Let me know in the comments below.

If you are dealing with grief, heartbreak, or compromised health and would like to get more in touch with your chakra centers, I'd love to coach you during a complimentary consultation.


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