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Mind Immunity: 5-Step Remedy to Increase Emotional Well-Being

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

When was the last time you felt unwell, physically? Was it a cold, migraine, full blown virus, or maybe you experienced symptoms such as ringing in your ear, rashy skin, belly ache, scratchy throat? How did you resolve it? We know how to care for ourselves physically, right? Most often the prescription is lots of rest, visit with a health practitioner and increase of supplements along with plenty of fluids and soups to help the body repair and recover. Thus, we are aware that the body has a built in physiological immune system that protects our physical well-being. When we take preventive measures for our body and mind simultaneously, we strengthen and improve its overall functioning towards total health.

Just like the body has a process for physical immunity, the mind has one too, known as psychological immunity; designed to protect and regulate our emotional well-being. The mind constantly whirls in thoughts, feelings, and emotions; shifting from misery to marvelous, pain to pleasure, action to inaction, admiration to aversion, and so on changing swiftly between the past, future and present. Most likely when you are faced with a circumstance, whether it is good or bad, the mind will have you stuck in the past, anxious about the future, and pondering your present. When the mind is resilient with clear intention, aligned with even proportion of activity and passivity, then only are we able to work through life’s challenges and adversities with grace and grit. The ability to increase our emotional well-being and truly embrace life’s abundance is what I’d like to share with you through the 5 Step Remedy:

  1. Phone a Friend - A trusted friend knows you, and has your best interest at heart and mind; someone that you can be vulnerable with in tears or laughter and will hold the space to vent but also help with affirming advice during a difficult time.

  2. Find a Therapist or Coach - A therapist or coach that is integrative, collaborative, and skillful in guiding you towards clarity and change that is necessary and empowering you towards real growth. Most will offer a free consultation, it's well worth it.

  3. Establish Movement into Stillness - A steady yoga practice with pranayama and meditation is highly recommended for peace of mind, and to alchemize emotions. The body will physically gain strength and flexibility as a result. A qualified teacher that will offer you specific targeted sessions to build awareness and alleviate basic symptoms.

  4. Mindful Meals - Trying new recipes and preparing seasonal meals with your own hands fills the heart with self love and the stomach with nourishment. Include non-inflammatory foods such vibrant greens, whole fruits, seeds, and digestive spices.

  5. Have Faith - A spiritual ritual in wisdom that is greater than the ego helps us to tap into our innate source, an unbound potential without doubts, that is free from any limitations. Join a wisdom based book club or spiritual study group.

I recommend staying consistent, embody one-pointed focus with the remedies, go at a pace that's manageable for you, it's a learning process as well as an investment in mental prosperity. Be still and listen, develop greater awareness then take actions that align with your intuition, which eventually will lead you towards true transformation. Have faith especially when you may not see it's possible in the very moment of a situation or struggle. P.S. Look out for the ego lurking around, distracting and persistently reverting you back to what's familiar in the midst of you reclaiming your power. Trust and stick with the process anyways. Invite an affirmation, quote, or a mantra into your space. Place it where it reminds you of your brilliance.

The wisdom that my mind reflects on when faced with uncertainty is found in the Sutras of Patanjali 2.46, which mentions sthira sukham asanam. Sthira means stable or steady; sukham means comfortable, or delight and joy; asanam means posture or seat. This wisdom reveals to us that no matter the circumstances that you are challenged with; face it with steadiness and stability which will bring ease, take delight and comfort knowing that you have the ability to see it through, and the higher vision to transform with vitality and valor.

Last remedy tip, do one thing that inspires and brings you joy. Do it everyday. Simple beauty exists in nature - walk towards it. Fresh cut flowers are a delight for me!

flower: Amaryllis

drawing: by me ( a lefty sketching her right hand)

Please share your joy or mantra in the comments, I would love to read what inspires you!

Gift for You : a free mental well-being session where you can ask me anything, and receive a takeaway remedy unique to you. If you would like in-depth guidance with a circumstance in your life, I am here to help. Together we can take steps that will bring you insight, clarity, and empower you towards quality of life. Schedule your session here.


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