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One Simple Meditation

As the month comes near to end, it's a good start to hone in our focus on what new possibilities are on the horizon for the next month. On the 18th of this month, I got to watch a double rainbow outside the home, the energy that was emitted was simply magnetic, a natural mood enhancer and a reminder to stay connected to the source - what surrounds the space outside of us, also resides within us. Similar to the flux in weather changes, when we track our mind towards a favorable forecast, there is great potential that awaits to create, manage, and transform our lives from confusion and chaos, to clarity and progress. We can actually observe our minds with new possibilities, creating a continuous flow of peaceful energy state - ultimately isn't peace what we all want in our personal, professional, relationships, health, and the world? But we forget that it's already within us, we just have to remind ourselves daily, and give it as much power and importance as we do to the external things in our lives.

Meditation means to think, contemplate, a continued or extended thought. We are always in constant state of thinking, as its the nature of the mind. But when the thoughts start to lose their powerful and peaceful ways to deal with life, the mind begins to alert us with warning signs - stress, worry, anxiety, pain, or any other negative belief patterns begin to cloud the thoughts and sometimes spread to the body. Meditation is a proven technique to instill positive charge and reframe the negative beliefs.

One simple meditation that I love to use daily is a grounding technique that allows me to anchor into the present moment and maintain steady awareness. I use this technique twice a day, and overtime have noticed how it aids in my meditation practice to maintain steady presence. When we become the watcher of our minds without judging, rationalizing, or being absorbed by the past, or the future, we gain access to the peaceful body that we want to feel - right here, right now.

If willing to try, this grounding technique utilizes our five senses to connect with the present moment. Here is the one simple meditation:

  1. Wherever you are at the moment, standing or seated preferably, just take a p a u s e. Go ahead and welcome a breath in and release a longer breath out. Now, look around your space and notice the first five things you see, take a mental note of it in the physical space. Then take another deeper breath in and even longer and deeper breath out, and touch upon the four feelings that arise. Then another breath in and out, and tune into the three things you hear. Take another breath in and out, and describe two scents. Final breath in and out, the one thing you can taste.

If time allows, take a moment to write down what you observed in a journal - a wonderful tool to express your thoughts and reflect on them when you wish. Try to practice this one simple meditation twice a day, in the morning and afternoon or early evening.

I look forward to sharing more, if you'd like to meditate together, or learn what's next after the one simple meditation, I would love to hear from you! Simply, book a FREE session and let's connect here.


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