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Simple 5 Lentil Soup

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Fall in love with this simple 5 lentil soup, known in the east as Pancharatna - a blend of 5 lentils - split mung beans, split chickpeas, split brown lentils, split red lentils, and split pigeon peas. Combined together, they create a range of flavors from sweet to earthy. It's perfectly warm and grounding for the windy and cooler months of the year. This soup is a balanced bowl of protein, folate, potassium, and a great way to get the vital greens in! Plus, it's quite simple to make. Store extra in a glass jar, to have servings for next day.

INGREDIENTS. 2-4 servings

  • 1 cup of 5 lentils dal (Mantra 24 Pancharatna Dal). Option to use separate packages and combine according to your preference

  • 2 organic medium carrots, chopped thin, bite size

  • 2 long organic celery stalks, chopped thin, bite size

  • 1 medium sweet yam, chopped bite size

  • 1 tbsp organic olive, coconut, or ghee.

  • 2 cups chopped mixed greens (spinach, green chard, kale)

  • 5-7 cups of water

  • Good quality salt and fresh ground black pepper

  • Pomegranate molasses (adds a nice carmel sweet and tang touch)


  • 2 tsp organic sesame seeds

  • 2 tsp organic ground cumin powder

  • 2 tsp turmeric powder

  • 2 tsp peeled and finely minced fresh ginger

  • 1 medium bay leave

  • 1 small lime or lemon


  • Place lentils in a deep glass or steel bowl, add water to cover the lentils and allow to soak overnight or for 4-5 hours.

  • Wash and drain really, really well (water will get from cloudy to clear). Set aside.

  • Heat a deep pot, on medium, add oil. Temper sesame, ginger, and cumin in the oil. Add the bay leave. Stir until lightly golden.

  • Add the carrots and celery, stir for few mins until the carrots get slight soft and celery translucent. Add the yam, 1/4 tsp of salt and pepper, as per taste. Stir.

  • Add the lentils to the pot. Add another 1/4 tsp salt, fresh ground pepper to taste, turmeric, and cumin. Stir until everything blends in well.

  • Add 5 cups of water and cover the pot, low to medium heat. Keep the cover slightly open so water does not boil over.

  • The soup takes 20-30 mins on stovetop. Once the water reduces to half and soup thickens, turn the heat to low. Add another cup or more water if desire a thinner consistency.

  • Add the chopped greens and squeeze juice of the citrus right on top. Stir until all well blended. Add 1/4 tsp of pomegranate molasses, stir again.


Cilantro or parsley leaves for added digestive power. Eat while it's fresh and warm, that helps to maintain optimal digestion too.

Enjoy! Please comment if you made it, and share any variations.


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