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Taking Time To Detox

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

The shift into Spring is marked by renewal, purification, and beauty. It’s the season that brings forth nourishment of growth and vibrancy in nature. Spring is a time of transition with bursts of uncertain weather - an intermix of warmth and coolness, rain and sunshine, eventually revealing colorful flowers and enliven trees, assuring us that there is a process of deep cleansing that brings forward an abundance of life. This energy affects our own nature - inspiring us to focus on home projects that need fixing up, closets that need lightening up, and gardens that need digging up for flowers and plants to beautify our grounds. As we detox our living spaces for a cleaner and brighter aesthetic, it’s equally important to refresh and cleanse our first home - our Body.

April is acknowledged as stress awareness month to help recognize the intrusive impact of stress in our lives. Our ancient genes needed less to feel satisfied, but with modern day lifestyles, we crave more to feel fulfilled - leading to an increase in stressors as multiple areas of our lives need our attention. Once we can identify and really clarify, without doubts, what the ongoing stressors and adverse events are in our lives, the next step is to put it into mindful action by learning trigger tools and techniques that help guide us to adaptability. Ask what would your life be like right now, in this moment without this stressor or adversity? Continue to explore and know that the choice to stress less and be calmer, exists within our mind states. Learning how the body functions can improve our health, manage symptoms, and make effort towards building vitality and resilience.

The purification of the mind body is an essential step on the spiritual path. ~ The Gita

In the eastern teachings our personal body and mind are aligned with the spirit of the universal eco-body, knowing that we are in a committed relationship with nature, and so as the environment shifts through the seasons, we too can prepare and adapt to it, with the intention of yielding a balanced way of existence in our lives.

Halasana, plow pose

During the period of nature's transition, as we plow through one season to the next, our body goes through a sluggish state resulting in allergies, colds, and our energy may get depleted. It’s winter liquefying and stagnation releasing from our bodies. I believe that total health and wellness is the true wealth that can grow steadily when handled with consistent, unwavering care. Just like we take extra time and attention to spring clean our homes or tune up our vehicles, update our wardrobe, it is a meaningful time to reconnect to the quality of our own nature.

According to lifestyle science of Ayurveda, the season of Spring signals a detox as it brings the hope of new beginnings, a refreshing change, and clearing up any unresolved issues - letting go of all that doesn’t serve us well is possible. We have to learn instinctively how to nurture what lies beneath our external skin: our organs, intestines, and systems. Spring is the best therapeutic season for a holistic cleanse to de-stress and reset your digestion, metabolism, and immunity for overall health and wellbeing.

We may not be prioritizing joy in our lives, so how we repeatedly respond, react, and cope eventually impacts our health, leading to adrenal fatigue - feeling drained, overwhelmed, interrupted sleep, lack of energy, weight concern, agitation, and more.

Ayurveda and Eastern practices emphasize,"all diseases start in the gut.” Seeking the root cause of symptoms is key to healing. Ayurveda refers to the digestive system as agni, or digestive fire. The digestive system includes the five main organs - esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, and rectum. Our agni is the essential utmost force of intelligence within our body. The stronger the agni, the better the vitality, strength, and happiness is experienced in all areas of our lives. The benefits of a proper detox resets the body, enhances immunity, reduces stress and improves physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and in so taking the time to embody an holistic approach, as nature truly intended, is beneficial on all levels.

Celebrating Color Run for Holi and Spring's arrival with my daughter Kaira Kapila, hosted by aapi

I have seen within my own journey the ideal time to detox is during the transition period - it’s the toughest time to maintain steady ease , have clarity, and nurture our inner self wholeheartedly. I find myself most vulnerable and in sync with nature, going inward to nurture my mind, nourish my body, balance my senses, connect to joy around me and seek inspiration from higher wisdom.

When we go through any process of change or tough times, it is vital to take preventive measures through evolving care of the body with compassionate discipline, qualified support and the mind in equanimity. One of the best remedies to have the whole self functioning well through seasons and transitions is by tending to our own internal states with a holistic detox - designed to cleanse and create a life worthy of our values.

Here are some ways in which a custom tailored detox can benefit you:

  • Improved health, sustained energy levels, good night’s sleep.

  • Reprioritizing internal self-care and establishing a healthy schedule and devotion to a lifestyle that have been neglected.

  • Rejuvenating proper assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

  • Maintaining healthy weight, shedding extra pounds, and increasing metabolism.

  • Prevention of congestion and allergies.

  • Stronger, clearer, and smoother skin, hair, and nails.

  • Ease of emotions - feelings of anxiety, depression, and stimulant dependency.

  • Relief of muscle, joint, and nerve pain.

  • Overall good mood, lightness in body, clarity, and happiness.

This month I finished coaching a small group of professionals through a five day custom detox journey, and here is what they have to say:

“I’m feeling lighter in my body and my mind. Things that typically would trigger anxiety aren’t - and I feel a desire to declutter my home. Overall I feel more at peace. I’m so thankful for the nourishment Kanan has provided my mind, body, soul” - E. Stultz, Psychotherapist

“Kanan is a beautiful model for nourishment. During this cleanse, she nourished us as she guided us to nourish ourselves. She inspired me to be more intentional throughout my day, shifting my mindset towards abundance. She challenged us and supported us. I feel confident and focused, mentally clear, and grounded.” - Dr. N. Strope, Psychologist

“Physically and mentally I feel lighter and clearer as if a layer has been lifted that allows me to view myself and the world from a different lens. This experience makes me want to begin regular cleanses and integrate the mindfulness practices and foods that Kanan has introduced us into my daily life.” - T. Tarulli, Mom

If you would like me to personally coach you on Learning How To Detox and reclaiming control over your health and wellness, please schedule a free session to get started here.


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