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The 9 Essences of Emotions

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

9 goddesses, pictured from the 9th on top left, descending to the 1st on bottom right. Illustration by Jayati Bose.

The last nine days were a celebration known as Nava (nine) Ratri (nights) dedicated to Adishakti Ma Durga and her nine avatars, the epitome of powerful strength, courage, and women empowerment. Each image of the divine Goddess symbolizes a rasa or essence of mother strength, to illuminate kindness and light the path of right actions in the world.

  1. Shailaputri - to root and strengthen the connection to each other and nature.

  2. Brahmachaarini - to restore and reclaim our discipline and devotion to better the good of each other.

  3. Chandraghanta - to awaken our purpose, our dharma, towards protection and support of each other.

  4. Kushmanda - to open our hearts to help each other.

  5. Skandamata - to use our voice and take right, skillful actions in protection of the children of the world.

  6. Katyayani - to purify our minds with crystal clear vision towards greater purpose.

  7. Kaliratri - to dissolve ignorance and destructive patterns, spark light and reflect hope in the darkest times.

  8. Mahagauri - to nourish and evoke our inner beauty, love, and be of service.

  9. Siddhidhatri - to consciously protect and offer infinite blessings to our life.

May we be empowered with good health, prosperity, truth, courage, confidence, and fearlessness to fight the injustices we may face in the world.

Navaratri aligns with the nine essences of emotions according to Vedic science, the knowledge or wisdom studies of eastern spirituality, that act as a blueprint for peaceful daily living. This is known as Navarasa (nava - nine and rasa means nectar or essence of emotions). The Ma Durga Goddess forces are creative, transformative energies to purify the emotional charges.

The nine rasas are:

1. shringara (love, beauty) 2.hasya (joy, laughter)

3.adbhuta (wonder, excitement) 4. shanta (calm, contentment)

5. raudra (anger, aggression) 6. veerya (courage, brave)

7. karuna (compassion/sadness)

8. bhayanaka (fear, anxiety) 9.vibhatsa (disgust, self-pity).

The rasas create residues in our neural patterns of the brain, effecting our energy and body chemistry through the nine emotions. We all portray a range of emotions according to the situations and challenges we face daily. Whether our behaviors are devilish or divine; positive or negative; we are emotional beings attached to the consciousness of our bodies through the sensations of what gives us pleasure and goodness, or pain and suffering. When a situation gets activated through our senses, the emotions begin to stir up the mind, and we respond or reacte accordingly.

Emotions are instinctive, involuntary reactions which upset the rational order of consciousness by their elemental outbursts - Carl Jung

Luckily, we have the tools and techniques within us to neutralize the emotions and direct the source of power towards what we truly desire and want to share with the world - gifts, talent, and aspirations to better the good of self and others. By gaining insight over our emotions, we can construct the way we choose to live harmoniously and collectively impact the evolution of consciousness.

Mindful Emotional Reframe Gratitude Exercise (MERGE):

Look at the Goddess essence images above. Let your self focus on one of the images in the square. Maintain your attention with your eyes a third way open or softly closed.

  • Mindfully reflect on a recent challenge - a decision you want to make, or a fear you are trying to manage in your body. Identify that emotion. Give it a color. Allow that color to appear a couple feet in from of you. Just observe it there.

  • Emotional release - identify that color as an image, or symbol as power to release the emotional clenching.

  • Reframe the emotion - allow the symbol to support you with deeper wisdom that you are seeking, gain clarity.

  • Gratitude - be grateful for the insight, and invite the symbol to merge into new, powerful energy.

  • Exercise the mind body - practice this new clear essence of energy to fuel your aspiration, bringing daily awareness to potentiate your purpose.

Note which Goddess you were drawn to and what power she represents, can you see the meaning in it? The visualization is an ongoing process - note when frustration arises because relief is not happening fast enough, just stick with it still. With continued practice, this meditation will help to clarify your goals and deepen your purpose.

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of any emotions and interested in learning the mind body method to create deeper insight, then I would love to hear from you. Get your FREE session booked and let's connect here.


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