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Gifts of New Beginnings

rūpalāvaṇyabalavajrasaṃhananatvāni kāyasampat, yoga sutra 3.46

Beauty, gracefulness, and robust energy of the body

Friends and fellow-seekers,

In the spiritual world as in the physical world, one can climb a mountain from various directions. One way may be long, another short, one winding and difficult, another straightforward and easy, yet by all these paths it is possible to reach the summit. The search of all knowledge has many methods, many ways to experience the hidden core of our being and direct the mind which is caught up in the web of pleasures of the world toward the very source of its existence, the consciousness of the soul - The Tree of Yoga.

My subject is Yoga - the path which cultures the body and senses, refines the mind and intelligence, and takes in the soul which is the core of our being. The path of Yoga is more than physical, it is cellular, mental, intellectual, spiritual, and regulates the emotions towards equanamity. Having faith in the process, makes progress possible and the practice joyful.

As the holidays unfold and gifts are at the forefront, the ideal presents are ones that contribute to helping one attain peace and freedom from suffering. When we are focusing on new beginnings, it is usually from the perspective of training our body - to strengthen, to gain flexibility, to learn relaxation, to ease painful experiences and injuries, to have more energy, to have restful sleep.

Learning your body and mind through the art, science, and philosphy of Yoga is the means to attain freedom, liberation, and success in life according to sage Patanjali - known as the legendary author of the 196 yoga sutras, each filled with thread (sutra), and weaved into a garland of pearls of wisdom that offers a vision for the seekers and vitality for life.

In spirit of holiday happenings, I have two upcoming Yoga workshops that I wish to share - an immunity workshop and new beginner series - both are ideal self-care gifts for loved ones to start or deepen their practice in the New Year.

Sign-up for Agni Activation at Juniper Yoga

Sign-up for New Beginner Series at Spirit11ouse

In honor of holiday gifting, I am giving a FREE yoga assesment. The objective is for you to learn the root of any dull or sharp sensation in the body and create a course of treatment to bring relief. Schedule to connect here.


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