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The 7 Essentials For A Vital Life

The start of the new year brings forth time for reflection. The word that keeps literally popping up in my meditations and in my dreams is S U R R E N D E R. As I reflect on what goals I am looking forward to fulfilling this year, I witness my self surrendering to what was, past not in my control, and surrendering to what is, the present, and devoting my efforts to potentiate better outcomes. In the yoga sutras surrender is expressed in 1.23 as ishvara pranidhana va. Ishvara can be viewed as the creative source, pranidhana is devotion, va is option to. Thus, surrender is a powerful faith in dedicating our efforts without having to need a forced outcome. Surrender is strength connecting us to reveal our deepest desires with unified field of consciousness.

Surrender brings forth vitality, state of meaningful and purposeful life, within our gross and subtle energies — body and mind and beyond.

Here are 7 essentials to practice surrendering to cultivate a vital life:

  1. Stability - connect to space in nature through movement - yoga, walk, jog, hike.

  2. Creativity - imagination through an artistic method - write, draw, perform.

  3. Free-will - strengthen your ability to transform ideas into mindful actions.

  4. Service - acts of kindness to another, in whatever capacity you have to give.

  5. Truth - practice speaking and listening with wise compassion and authenticity.

  6. Meditation - sit for whatever minutes you have and be a witness to your mind.

  7. Letting go - what does not serve you well in your values, purpose, intention. Learning the process of letting go is to know you are surrendering to the source that's generating you to your growth.

I invite you to choose one essential and really put your effort into shaping it and connecting to the essence of its gift, which is to guide you to your highest awareness and enable to live life with ease.

This year mine is 7 - learning to let go. Through mindful inquiry, I find what inspires me and dedicate myself to each essential everyday, to guide me towards the source of living a vital life.

If you'd like to learn an active visualization to guide you towards your 7 essentials and vitality, schedule a free session session, connect here.


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